About Me

My journey in the millinery arts began as an antidote to my computer.  Back in 1988, I used the computer as a tool for my graphic design work for the first time. Although as a graphic designer I would use the computer 99.9% of the time for work, I longed to connect with my roots as a hands-on artist in fashion and illustration.

Four years ago, I took a break from the screen and fashioned a cute headband for an art event. I got some compliments, but more importantly, I got an incredible satisfaction from working with my hands once more. From that moment, the progression led me to more elaborate work, joining millinery online groups and, finally, workshops with a renowed milliner and instructor I had met online.

I use traditional and unconventional millinery processes and materials in my work and enjoy great satisfaction not only from the pieces I make, but also from the joy I am able to share with my clients. All my work is hand made using fabulous fabrics, crystals, metals and feathers and, above all, uncompromising craftsmanship.

Whether you are looking for a simple piece to enhance your hair, lapel, or sash, an everyday signature hat or a special occasion conversation piece — even a piece for your pet — the time is right to discover how special something from FeatherHeart can make you feel.

Contact me today. It would be a pleasure to put my creativity and knowledge to work for you.


Dannielle Kukar
FeatherHeart founder and designer